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Join us on Sundays

Join us at our brand new venue at
Broughton Junior School

37 Parton Rd, Aylesbury HP20 1NG

Join us from 10.15am for free refreshments and an opportunity to chat. Our Worship and Service will start at 10.45am.


Who we are

We are a group of local people who have discovered that we can have a personal relationship with God and live with the hope of an eternal life in heaven.

This has been made possible by choosing to accept Jesus' offer of complete forgiveness for all the wrong things we have ever done, which he paid the penalty for when he died on the cross, and by deciding to follow his leadership and guidance in our daily lives.

Through our faith in Jesus, we have exchanged our sin for Jesus' righteousness.

We believe that Jesus wants everyone to know this personal relationship, love, hope and forgiveness. We are excited about sharing with others the amazing change that has taken place in our lives.

Who we are – Prayer
Our Culture - Embrace

Our Culture

A life giving and life changing culture will affect everyone we meet. We want our culture to be summed up by these five words, that we would be:

Thankful, Compassionate, Devoted, Honouring and Genuine.

We hope that this will not only impact our church community but also wherever we are… our families, our neighbourhoods and our workplaces.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a Church where God changes lives as people put Him first and serve others.

We believe this can happen because we know that God can change lives. That’s because we have seen it in ourselves and it’s made such a positive difference in us, we want to share it with others and see God continue to change us and change them too.

We called the church The Exchange because God changes lives through an exchange, in essence – our messed-up lives get exchanged for Jesus’ perfect life.

We are transformed as we make that exchange and this has a by-product of changing our focus from ourselves to God and the needs of others. It’s a one-off change but also, at the same time, a continual process that carries on for the rest of our lives.

Our Vision - Hands

Our Values


We have three statements that sum up what we want to become:


Genuinely Loving

God makes this all possible.

"We can love others because He first loved us"

Relevantly Reaching

What we have found in Jesus is relevant to everyone, every situation and every part of our lives.

Powerfully Growing

God’s transforming power at work in us and the lives of those around us.

Our History – Worship

Our History


The Exchange started in 2005 with a handful of people meeting in Coffee Republic in the Market Square on Sunday mornings who had a vision and a calling to start a new church in Aylesbury.


God spoke to us about being a church for people who don’t normally go to church, that he would make us distinctive, beautiful, attractive and colourful and that we would become a community of people who could transform the whole of Aylesbury!


On this amazing journey we were supported and encouraged by both the Newfrontiers regional team, Grace Church in Thame and New Life Church in Milton Keynes to believe what God had said and go for it.


Since those early days at the coffee shop, we have grown and met in a number of different places including the Queens Park Arts Centre; Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School; the Slug and Lettuce; Mendoza’s in the town centre; the Holiday Inn, Buckingham Park Church of England Primary School, Your Cafe in the Park, Aston Clinton and our current venue is Broughton Junior School, Aylesbury HP20 1HG.


We have seen many lives changed, and both ups and downs and can’t wait to see what next God will do as we seek to share Jesus with our friends and community.



Catatyst is a network of churches within Newfrontiers working together to make disciples.


We get lots of advice and help from the Catalyst team led by Simon Holley who is based at the Kings Arms Church in Bedford.


We meet regularly with Richard Wightman the former leader of New Life Church Milton Keynes and have visiting speakers from New Life Church Milton Keynes on a bi-monthly basis.


For more information about Catalyst please visit their website:

Catalyst – Sunrise
Newfrontier – Crowd Worship



Newfrontiers is a worldwide family of churches including about 300 in the UK.


With a passionate commitment to build the church according to New Testament principles, believes that the most effective form of evangelism is worked out from strong local churches. Churches where each member participates, the gifts of the Spirit are outworked, where there is joy in caring for one another, where there is a desire to make a difference in society and to reach those in need.


Newfrontiers aims to achieve this by restoring the church, making disciples, training leaders, planting churches and reaching the nations.


If you want to find out more, visit the Newfrontiers website:

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Racial Discrimination & Injustice


“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood [human beings] but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.

Having seen and heard recently about the evilness of dislike, hate, prejudice, racial discrimination, and division it brings, we can’t keep silent anymore. We must speak out what we believe as a church of Jesus Christ about this evilness of racism and injustice in our society.

As leaders of The Exchange Church, we want to voice out together that we stand with God and each other to fight against prejudice, injustice, and racism. As a church, we want to seize this moment to display diversity and equality through biblical truth of One New Man in Christ (Ephesians 2:15; Colossians 3:10-11) that we are made equal in everything in Christ. We have been called, chosen, forgiven, accepted and destined (Restored & Reconciled) through the same plan of God when He sent His one and only son Jesus to pay the price by being murdered on the Cross for preaching equality and speaking against the evilness of racism in His time.

We, as followers of Jesus and as the body of Christ made up of different members, are committed to learn together to set an example to the world in making it clear that we celebrate the uniqueness of different colour, race and culture not allowing any form of discrimination or racism at all to enter into our thoughts and actions.

Racism is injustice. God hates injustice and so do we. As the children of God, we believe God created all humans as equals irrespective of nationality, status, gender, or skin colour. God loves you all and so do we.

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